Dependable security services that stand the test of time

Reliable security for more than half a century

Jesse and Josh Callahan took the baton of the family business – formerly known as Sioux Merchant Patrol – back in 2012 when their uncle Dave, the previous owner, suddenly passed away. Deeply passionate about the role that law enforcement and security services play in serving local communities, these brothers stepped up to the plate and have kept the company innovative and evolving with the times, adding to the services offered to their clients and building in layers of technology to ensure peace of mind and relief.

Today, in a world where everything feels uncertain, SMP Security Services works actively and diligently to bring a measure of safety and stability into the lives of their neighbors locally and regionally. SMP’s staff are available around the clock to answer calls and offer security, ensuring their clients and their assets are safe, and ultimately ensuring that everyone gets home happy and healthy.

SMP Security Services has a wide variety of businesses on their rotations, providing on-location, stationary protection in the form of armed or unarmed security guards for businesses like banks, hotels, and corporate complexes. They also provide mobile patrol security for businesses that require an additional level of surveillance and security. The number one goal at SMP is to keep their client covered in the areas of protection so they can move through their day to day business with a sense of personal and professional freedom. 

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