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Marijuana Dispensary (Cannabis) Security

Dispensary Break-ins, Theft, and Vandalism are on the increase, which means that the presence of professional armed security can improve the safety of any retail site’s goods, employees, and customers. However, certain businesses may profit more than others, and the growing number of marijuana shops in the Sioux Falls Area fall into that category. Marijuana dispensary security is an important aspect of operations, not just for safeguarding company assets but also for providing visitors with peace of mind.


Marijuana sales in the United States increased by 46% last year to $17.5 billion, making it one of the country’s most profitable growing industries, but marijuana shops must be cautious of such stratospheric sales growth, as well as their whole operating strategy. These dispensaries are not like other companies, Because the majority of their revenue is in cash, making them a tempting target for thieves.

This article will highlight the specific hazards that shops face, as well as how professional armed security can minimize or remove the inherent vulnerabilities of the marijuana industry.

The Built-In Risks of Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug under federal law. Individual states address this via legislation and local ordinances, but most banks continue to base their practices on the federal status. This poses a significant challenge for dispensaries trying to establish accounts and interact electronically with consumers and institutions, resulting in the following security risks:


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Marijuana Dispensary Security in SD


Marijuana Dispensaries in SD Are Predominantly Cash-Only-

Due to their inability to establish a normal company account, retailers in this market sector wind up with significant amounts of cash to keep and transfer from their premises. This makes them a more attractive target for criminals, and this video illustrates how cameras and locks fail to stop the most determined burglars.

The Product Is Low Profile and High Demand

Criminals find it relatively easy to transport marijuana goods because they are tiny and easy to conceal. There is a lot of street demand for marijuana, which adds to the motivation to get some.

Off-Site Operations Run Added Risk

Getting cash and goods from a marijuana supplier or dispensary to a secondary storage location entails going through a security gantlet. Criminals are well aware that a single ounce of medicinal marijuana can be worth $200 to $400. Cannabis shops may be engaged in the transit of hundreds of pounds of unbanked and uninsured goods, with little financial recourse if it is lost. SMP Security Services is a 100% Complete Tax write-off for the business owner.

Erratic Regulations Mean Shrinkage Is Common

The marijuana industry is always changing as new regulations arise and old ones are modified or repealed. As dispensaries attempt to find a definite model, this has resulted in a highly unregulated sector with a high rate of contraction. This shrinking provides the ideal cover for criminals to assist themselves.

The footage seen above demonstrates how bold thieves break into a dispensary. This similar mentality may be seen when they target goods in transportation. Trained and armed security personnel offer a “think twice” factor unrivaled by any other measure and may avoid many of the issues endemic in this industry.

The 3 Major Benefits of having Armed Dispensary Security Professionals

One of the most important advantages of professional armed security is that it is one of the only kinds that does not need a performance to be extremely effective. Cameras must constantly be on, and locks must always be tight – yet the sheer presence of an armed guard and Live Camera Surveillance that is monitored by live guards, may deter crime without firing a single shot. Marijuana shops in areas where armed agents are present can rely on the following:

Robbery and External Theft Prevention

Until federal law changes, dispensaries must defend themselves in every way they can. SMP Security Trained, experienced, and equipped security officers can play an important role in this approach by matching firepower to dissuade, neutralize, or immediately fight any hostile force.

Increased Credibility and Legitimacy

South Dakota Businesses in the marijuana industry confront an uphill fight in establishing legitimacy in the eyes of regulators and many members of the general public. The greater risk of drawing criminal attention puts additional pressure on dispensaries to fulfill stringent security requirements while assuaging community worries. Armed security guards confer and portray a higher feeling of professional credibility and social duty.

Reduced Employee Theft

Inside employment are a major problem in American retail and the marijuana industry’s greatest security concern. Personnel theft accounts for a startling 90% of financial and product loss, owing mostly to inadequate employee screening and a lack of government support. Security personnel serves as visible reminders to workers that they are being watched, reducing the attractiveness and probability of stealing.

These advantages apply to all companies that employ professional armed security. What is also, unfortunately, ubiquitous is the hefty cost companies incur for not having it. Marijuana shops in South Dakota are no strangers to frightening criminal intrusions, and they must wake up to the risk they face.

Common Pitfalls of Unarmed Security at the Local Level

Marijuana shops in South Dakota are under attack, much like their counterparts throughout the country. Accepting the reality of this danger at the state and municipal levels should assist every dispensary to realize the hazards they face daily and encourage them to become proactive in their safety with expert marijuana shop security. Here are a few recent examples:

·       At closing time, robbers struck a South Dakota dispensary. They took off with an unknown sum of money and left employees in need of medical care.

·       An alleged criminal assault blasted through the back wall of a Baltimore marijuana shop.

·       Officers in Minneapolis MN were able to retrieve important goods after a marijuana shop was robbed, resulting in charges of burglary, theft, and property damage.

These are just a few instances of situations that will undoubtedly grow more common as states allow more cannabis shops to open. Proactive security measures and professional armed security will be critical to the sustainable development of this business sector.


Marijuana Laws and Regulations in South Dakota

The November 2020 election made South Dakota the first state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis in the same year.

Constitutional Amendment A, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative legalized recreational cannabis in South Dakota for adults 21 and over. It also required the South Dakota State Legislature to pass laws providing for the sale of hemp and setting up a medical marijuana program by April 1, 2022. Under the initiative, marijuana sales are taxed at a rate of 15%, with a portion allocated to funding state public schools. Starting July 1, 2021, adults 21 and older were supposed to be able to possess 1 ounce of cannabis with no more than 8 grams of that being concentrated. They were also going to be able to grow three plants and possess the harvest if there were no retailers in their area. But shortly after the votes were counted, law enforcement officials acting at the behest of Gov. Kristi Noem challenged the law in court. The state’s supreme court has heard arguments but not ruled. Meanwhile, South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws, the same group that got both initiatives on the ballot the first time, is gathering signatures to place a similar measure on the ballot in 2022.




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