SMP has a long history of providing just the right security, tailored for your specific business and neighborhood needs. Whether it’s mobile patrol ready to leap into action or a constant onsite presence, SMP is at your service.


Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Services offer you security that acts as a deterrent, provides physical backup, and brings peace of mind, at a fraction of the cost of onsite, round the clock security guards. While they are not a constant physical presence, our patrol officers are on duty at all hours, ready to answer and respond to your call anytime. And for many businesses, that’s more than enough, especially with our highly trained professionals on the job.

Our Mobile Security Clients include:

  • Financial Institutions – Bank Security
  • Apartment Buildings & Condo Security
  • Retailers Security & Shopping Mall Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Government Building Security
  • Entertainment Venue Security
  • Places of Worship- Church Security
  • Manufacturing Facilities & Warehouse Security
  • Special Event Security
Security Patrol Sioux Falls

Our Mobile Patrol is effective for many reasons:

Contact SMP today at 605-334-9357 to discuss your security needs and find out if our Patrol Services are right for you.