SMP has a long history of providing just the right security, tailored for your specific business and neighborhood needs. Whether it’s mobile patrol ready to leap into action or a constant onsite presence, SMP is at your service.


Video Installation and Monitoring

One of our constant in demand services at SMP relates to our technology. Because we provide top of the line security equipment that remains on the forefront of current technological advances, our clients feel secure in the knowledge that we’ve got their backs, around the clock. 

From cameras to monitors, from alarms to detection, our tech department is ahead of the game, which keeps us, and you, ahead of potential criminals. We understand the way criminals work, and that providing the most advanced tech on our job sites acts as both deterrent and detection, key elements in security. 

We not only provide top quality, full service installation of our superior equipment, but we also maintain and monitor it for you, as your needs require. We have a 24/7 security team on high alert to keep eyes on your property and the people who matter most to you, so you can relax and enjoy your event, run your business, or feel safe at home. 

We also ensure your equipment is fully functional and performing at the highest level the entire time you commission us for your security needs. We don’t sleep on the job, so neither does our equipment.