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Business Video Security Systems Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

How many times have you heard the phrase you can’t manage what you can’t see? If you want to provide your business with the best possible protection, video surveillance should be your top priority. For example, camera surveillance in hospitals can catch threats before they become problems, and video surveillance systems can be instrumental in preventing theft or vandalism at all kinds of businesses.


Where are security cameras used?

Surveillance cameras are used in a wide variety of places, from major banks to local schools. In fact, there is no place that video surveillance can’t be utilized for security purposes. As mentioned above, retail stores and even private residences use video surveillance today for protection and security. So what about hospitals? They may not be at risk from robberies or terrorist attacks like many other businesses or public locations, but they do have one huge risk factor that can’t be ignored: people!


Types of Security Cameras

When it comes to security cameras, it’s important to remember that there are various types of surveillance equipment. When a business is thinking about how best to protect their assets, they should keep in mind what they want their camera system to be able to do. Are you trying to prevent break-ins or employees from stealing? 

Do you need 24/7 surveillance or just protection during working hours? You’ll likely need one camera system for different needs than someone else. Keep these things in mind when looking into your options and make sure you know what features matter most in your particular situation.


Where should I put my security cameras?

This is a question asked by many people. The answer largely depends on how you define security. Do you want to simply deter crime? Do you want to be able to locate an intruder after a break-in occurs? Do you need to have evidence that can help convict someone of committing a crime against your business or home? Depending on your goal, there are many ways you can effectively implement video surveillance in your Sioux Falls area business or home.


How do I choose security camera placement?

You may have a plan of where you want your security cameras placed. However, before installing them and once they are in place, it is a good idea to test their effectiveness by walking through your building with no particular destination in mind. Wherever you feel uncomfortable or nervous (this feeling might be harder to put into words), that is an ideal area for one of your security cameras. Also consider using multiple layers of security camera systems. For example, if you choose to install ceiling-mounted wireless cameras in common areas such as hallways and reception areas, try placing magnetic door sensors on doors leading into those areas. The sensors will send off an alert whenever someone opens those doors so you can see who’s coming through at all times. Another layer could be motion detectors – perfect for rooms like kitchens and break rooms where there is constant movement but rarely anyone to watch over it live – or just throughout your entire business depending on budget constraints and equipment available options. In every case, having multiple layers will help protect your business from intruders looking to sneak past traditional methods of detection as well as increase employee comfort by knowing that someone is watching closely at all times.


What are some best practices for business video surveillance systems?

Before getting started, make sure you actually need a video surveillance system. This may seem like an obvious first step, but it’s easy to get swept up in marketing and forget to do your homework. Does crime occur often at your business? Do you have valuable equipment and inventory that might be attractive to thieves? Is employee theft a problem? The answer to these questions will help determine whether you need a video surveillance system—and if so, what type of system. When selecting cameras for your business security system, consider location carefully: Determine where crimes tend to occur and place cameras accordingly.


How much does it cost to install security cameras at my business?

Businesses that want to protect themselves from theft, vandalism and liability should consider installing video surveillance systems. However, these systems can be expensive— costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a basic system to over $10,000 for professional installation. Here’s how much it costs to install security cameras at your business. Security Cameras are Essential for Small Business Owners: Small business owners face more challenges than their larger counterparts; in addition to running their businesses day-to-day, they must stay on top of marketing, sales and overall financial management. It’s no wonder why big data breaches keep small business owners up at night—these crimes cost businesses millions annually. With a good security camera system, though, small business owners can sleep better at night knowing they won’t lose valuable assets or information due to theft or damage. How many cameras do I need?: There is no right answer to how many cameras you need; ultimately it depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your system.


What kind of financing options do you offer for business video systems?

There are four primary ways to finance video surveillance systems: a lump sum, lease financing, pay-as-you-go financing, and video security financing for small businesses. Every business is different, so you may need to try out a few options before you find one that’s right for your organization. If you would like assistance in finding a lender or funding option that’s right for your needs, please contact us at (605) 334-9357

What happens after the sale? 

If there’s an issue with my security camera system?
If you’ve just installed a new video surveillance system, it can be unnerving to think about what happens if something goes wrong. A glitch in your hardware or software could allow someone to infiltrate your system and steal sensitive information from your business. Fortunately, when you enlist us for security camera installation services, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that we offer round-the-clock service and repairs at no additional cost. We even have live monitoring available so you can check on things from anywhere in Sioux Falls or from around the world! Call today to learn more about our commercial security systems and discover how they could help protect your most valuable asset: your business.

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