Combined with our professional security officers, SMP Security Services maintains cutting edge technology that ensures the highest quality security service experience.

Technologically Advanced Security

Other security service companies offer either man power or technology. SMP Security Services offers the best of both worlds and blends them together to give you and your business the most favorable and most advanced outcome when it comes to your company’s security.

You can purchase security cameras, have us install and monitor them, and purchase access control systems that integrate these systems with our security guard and mobile patrol services.


SMP Technology Remains Innovative

With TrackTick software, dispatchers get an accurate view of our security operations in real time, ensuring the highest quality of service. Features include live monitoring of all action logs, clock-ins, recorded activity, checkpoints, and reports as events occur.

Whether for your business or your home, our dispatch dashboard offers a unique tool to keep track of all offered services, increasing accountability and bringing a better sense of your security reality in the field.  Read More >

Go paperless and receive reports through digital reporting. All your necessary information is collected through a mobile application we use while patrolling.

  • Receive reports through email
  • Notifications are sent to you in real-time
  • All historical data can be accessed at anytime
  • Time and GPS stamped for authenticity  Read More >

An app that improves security guard and patrol officer accountability, ensures compliance with your security protocols, and communicates security service needs and incident report updates quickly. It is accessible on-line from any computer or mobile device. Our technology system takes tested security service methods you trust and combines them with the current technology you want.


The system can be downloaded and installed on most smartphones for ease of use and mobility. It is user friendly, low cost, and effective.  Read More >

Provides live stream activity data, including current location information for each patrol officer in the field. Also provides live updates on service delivery completion and maximizes efficiency in dispatching patrol units for on-demand services – an essential tool to shorten alarm response times.

  • Historical bread crumb reports
  • Real data for efficient delivery of patrol service
  • Safe driver reports
  • Geo-fencing
  • Fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance reports  Read More >

Real-time software allows you to relax while away from your business or residence. With our state of the art technology and software, you can check in at any time, send schedules, keep track of guards, and so much more. Manage your sites efficiently with our easy to use software.  Read More >

Real life video and audio recording enhances accountability and provides indisputable evidence of reported incidents. A great way to gain insight into the handling of any interventions that may come up. Protect your business from false claims regarding incidents.  Read More >


Top of the Line Equipment for Installation and Monitoring

SMP knows the security business, which means we also know the tech business. Our tech team is constantly keeping us equipped with state of the art, top of the line, cutting edge security equipment, so we can keep you equipped just as well.

We offer everything from cameras and monitors to alarms and detection devices, to keep criminals at bay. We also provide full installation and monitoring services alongside our equipment, according to your needs.

Contact SMP today at 605.334.9357 to see how our blended technology works best for you.