Video Security Systems Sioux Falls SD

Combining cutting edge technology with our security officers, SMP is the security team you need

Protecting small businesses in a big way!

More than anything, though, we offer you peace of mind. We’re not just here to stop crime and catch criminals. We’re here to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

A family owned business protecting the Sioux Falls community for more than half a century. SMP cares about keeping you safe.

The most innovative and advanced video security on the market in Sioux Falls.

We not only provide top of the line security tech for our clients. We also install and monitor it for you, with skilled dispatchers and officers on demand all hours of the day.

How Its Works

Cameras Detect

Cameras stream within seconds to local AI to detect potential threats.


Live Guards Watch

Guards watch every time a person enters or exits your home, instantly.



Instant Response

Guards can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds, not minutes.

It’s a hard truth: not just anyone can be a security guard.

It takes a certain kind of person to stand up for others, to watch over property and business, maintain peace at events and commercial buildings, often well into the night. We not only recruit and screen for the best of the best; we also train our security officers in the art of prevention and deescalation. Not just anyone can do it. SMP can.

Whether it’s armed security guards or unarmed, for your event, your business, or your building. 

Whether you need round the clock on the ground personnel, mobile units that patrol, or even just cameras.  

Long term or temporary.

Short notice.

SMP provides all the security services you need to make you feel safe. Because you deserve to feel safe.

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