Security services you can safely put your trust in

Around the clock security ensuring our clients and their assets are safe

Our security services alleviate the pressure and worry of running a safe business in increasingly crime-ridden times.

Where any security problem could interfere with a person or business, SMP Security Services is here to safeguard the ability to achieve goals, grow successfully, and to thrive unhindered. Everyone gets home happy and healthy.

The best security services both prevent and catch crime in the act

SMP offers around the clock surveillance, obvious cameras, and individual security plans that cover every inch of protection not just to stop criminals in their tracks but to prevent them from committing the crime in the first place.

Mobile Patrol

When you don’t need a constant physical presence, we serve at your beck and call instead. With full knowledge of the area and 24/7 dispatch support, we’re on demand and on time, every time.

Our Mobile Patrol is effective for many reasons:

  • Professional Patrol Officers
  • High Visibility Patrol Vehicles
  • Superior Technology
  • Knowledge of the Area

Security Guard

For that extra level of prevention and protection, we are the ultimate body guards, whether for a specific event, a short term contract, or long term service.

  • Armed & Unarmed Security Guards
  • Commercial Security
  • Special Event Security
    Industrial Security
  • On Demand & Short Notice Security



We’ve combined high-tech security equipment with world-class surveillance software to achieve a whole new industry standard.

Easily secure anything anywhere with our mobile security trailers, and camera mounts. Setting up the LVT unit is easy and can be done in minutes. Once your unit of choice is set up, you’ll have instant access to live surveillance streams through the LVT Platform.

  • 24/7 Instant Notifications

  • 33x PTZ Cameras

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • 2-Way Recorded Audio

  • LED Lighting

  • LED Strobe Lights

  • 100% Solar

  • Cellular Connectivity

With a legacy and reputation for true security, SMP Security Services has a wide variety of businesses on our rotations, providing comfort and safety to a community that has supported us for almost a century in business.